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Massagen im Hotel Edenlehen

Tense muscles after a hard day’s walking or skiing?
Professional staff in our Sports-Therapy/Massage Andreas Eder team can provide relief!


Partial massage 25 min € 29,-
Sports massage 30 min € 34,-
Full body massage 50 min € 54,-
Combi-massage (Foot reflex and back massage) 55 min € 59,-
Intensive back treatment 60 min € 64,-
Foot reflex massage (basic treatment) 55 min € 59,-
Foot reflex massage (advanced treatment) 30 min € 34,-
Lymph drainage 30 min € 34,-
Lymph drainage 55 min € 59,-


Wellness massage with special oils 55 min € 59,-
Body peeling 25 min € 32,-
Aroma massage 25 min € 30,-
Brush massage 25 min € 32,-
Ear candle treatment 25 min € 25,-
Ear candle treatment with facial lymph drainage 45 min € 48,-
La Stona therapie 75 min € 90,-

Other types of massage for your well-being, e.g. "singing bowl" therapy, Ayurveda massage etc. on request!

Important: Please make you massage appointment at reception on the day before by 18.00 hrs at the latest!

Massagen im Hotel Edenlehen

Classic Massage
A basic service for body and soul; traditional massage involves kneading, pounding and using friction on the muscles through special hand techniques. The muscles are loosened, relaxed and a noticeable improvement to the blood flow in the skin and muscles is produced.

Wellness Massage
The wellness massage with your chosen essential oils is a combination of massage and relaxation for the soul.

Intensive Back Treatment
Through partial massage the back muscles are relaxed and the blood flow stimulated. In order to reach the deeper layers of muscle, a heat pack is applied and then another partial massage takes place. 

Brush Massage
Brushing the skin improves the blood flow to the skin and muscles. In doing so, old flaky skin is removed and the skin cared for. Important vitamins and minerals are able to penetrate the skin through the foam.

Ear Candle Treatment
The treatment from Indian medicine is effectively used to clean and harmonise the "aura" energy fields. Ear candle treatment produces relaxation and well-being and helps nervousness and stress.
TIP: A subsequent lymph drainage produces a deeper level of relaxation and a faster draining of toxins and impurities.

Sports Therapy
Following operations, injuries, … please request details

Foot Reflex Massage
All organs, joints and extremities are found again on our feet. 72 000 nerves connect the feet with our organs and joints. By stimulating the reflex zones, the body's own powers of healing are stimulated, tension and energy blockages relieved.

Lymph Drainage
The lymph system has the task of protecting our immune system. Lymph drainage has the task of activating the body's lymphatic system. With lymph drainage, through gentle circular movements, lymph are carried away and the lymph nodes own activity stimulated. We recommend lymph drainage for oedemas, migraine, after sports injuries and operations.

Aroma Massage
Essential oils are medicine for the body, mind and soul. They harmonise the mental and spiritual imbalance in people. They harmonise the mental and spiritual imbalance in people. There is a close relationship between aroma massage and therapy. The essence impregnates the skin and its aroma produces a certain psychic effect. Depending on the mixture of oils, the massage has a harmonising or relaxing effect, or stimulates the circulation.